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A Ranking of Apex's Game Modes So Far

Well, it has been several weeks since I've written anything here. Some of that stems from saying a lot of what I have to say in the Discord, some of it was because I said it in Outplayd: After Dark, and some of it was just due to life (and work and playing Apex) getting in the way.

So, there are a few things I would like to touch on, and I thought maybe I could spark a little discussion within our community on the game modes that we've seen and what is good and bad about them. To that end, I am going to do the thing that everyone loves to hate: I am going to rank the game modes from worst-to-best based on my totally and completely objective opinion.* There are four modes, so, here we go...

Fourth-Place (i.e., the worst!)


Ranked is the worst of the game modes by far. If there was a tenth-place, Ranked would garner that spot. The game is boring in this configuration. Teams camp. Sorry, but I can hear Errik losing it. Okay... They don't camp; they position themselves tactically.** This is boring. This isn't why I play Apex.

MetalMafia discussed this in an earlier post, and I also have gone in-depth into my feelings on the Ranked playlist in an earlier post, so I won't go into this in more detail here. Suffice it to say, I have played a bit of ranked since I posted that, and despite a couple of wins and good games, I still don't enjoy it at all. If you want more details, I encourage you to check out those earlier posts.

Second-Place (that's right, it was a tie!)

Solo Play and Regular Play.

These game modes play similarly except that in one you are your team, and in the other you have a couple of teammates (well, until HEWGJohnson69_420 quits after he pushes a fight alone and then points out that it was your fault that he died).

I loved the Solo playlist because (with the exception of a gold res shield) when I won a fight, I got a kill (and the gold res shield was, for the most part useless, as you knew immediately they had one -- it only worked in a very confusing fight). I liked the fact that I found myself winning more 1v1s than I was losing. It made me realize that, while my stats aren't particularly good, I am not actually bad at this game. I played strategically (without the camping***), and when I won, I won. When I lost, it was generally because I didn't have a gun, because I got third-partied or, more-often-than-not, because I got outplayed: "You kill me, you're better."

Admittedly, I thought Solo was going to be an awful mode for this game, as the game doesn't seem to have been designed for it. I found myself pleasantly surprised, however, by how satisfying it can be to just win a fight. In the Regular playlist, you can win two 1v1s and still end up with no kills, which I find frustrating. The Solo list was a lot less frustrating for me because a win was usually a win.

I know some people found the third-partying to be frustrating, but I got lucky and didn't experience a lot of it. I tend to be a little more cautious, though, hunting players for a while and then getting a fight over as quickly as possible, so maybe that contributed to me not getting jumped a lot. I found when I got more aggressive, I lost to a third- or fourth-party way more frequently. I would love to see this mode back sometime soon.

The Regular playlist is still a fun place to go, too. Sure, it's way better with friends than with blueberries, as I have discussed before, but, either way, it is still the game that we all fell for about eight months ago.

The gunplay is fantastic. The teamwork is great thanks to features like the ping system and revives. I don't think I have to explain to you what makes this game worth playing, so I won't belabour this. All I really wanted to say was that this ties with Solo for me because sometimes I can find a team and sometimes I can't; I find the game far more fun with a team, but if I can't find one, I find it way more fun to play solo than with random blueberries who really are hit-or-miss.

This brings us to....

First-Place (and by far)

Armed & Dangerous

I love this mode. This is the best version of Apex for me. I have played it exclusively since it came out, and I am honestly a little worried about going back to the Regular playlist now. Here's why:


The lack of anything better than Level One Armour means that I feel that fights are decided a lot less frequently by RNG and a lot more frequently by sound tactics and good gunplay. Sure, there are issues with Gibby's 3000 extra hit points, but, for the most part, this game mode feels more pure because it takes the same amount of hits to kill just about anyone.


This mode has made me play with weapons I would often skip (e.g., the Mastiff and Peacekeeper) in the Regular playlist, and I have got a lot better with them. In turn, I feel like my skills have improved in CQC quite a bit. I am regularly putting up solid damage and kill numbers, as are my teammates. I am more conscious of moving through open areas because of snipers, and I am more nimble in tight spots because of the shotties.

In general, I feel like I am better than I was two weeks ago. I guess I will find out if that is true once I have to deal with SMGs, ARs and Level Three Armour again. Here's hoping...

So, there you have it. My totally scientific, one-hundred percent factual ranking of Apex's game modes.

Let me know what you think in the comments or on Discord.

*That's an oxymoron, you say? An opinion can't be objective, you say? Well, that's your opinion.

**Which is a nice way of saying, "They are filthy campers."

***Okay... maybe there was a little camping now and then. But I wasn't rocking a green skin and hiding in a bush, so I can still sleep okay at night.

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