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Episode 1 Summary: We're Dropping Where?!

So, you want to be an Apex legend, but you don’t know where you start.

Here at Outplayd, we use a process that puts us on a path to becoming a Legend—or at least happy, skilled players. This process won’t instantly make you a professional level gamer. Improving at anything takes a lot of time and hard work. What it will do is get you used to the gunplay and the flow of battle as quickly as possible, so you can have the confidence to engage without hesitating and therefore losing.

At the start of your career, drop hot. It’s that simple. Dropping in the blue zone will ensure that your team gets a gun and into a fight within the first few minutes of the match. Dropping hot maximizes the amount of time that you’re fighting. If you spend the first 15 minutes of a game looting and then get into a fight and lose, then you’renot going to have many opportunities to learn. Basically, you just wasted 15 minutes. If you drop hot and get into a fight in the first few seconds, then you’re learning recoil control, what guns you like, movement, positioning, looting, and the map, all in those crazy first seconds..

So how do you survive that hot drop chaos? Here’s how:

1. Separate from your team just before you hit the ground. That way, you’re not looting the same buildings as your team. This will improve the odds of everyone gearing up faster.

2. Gear up fast. Finding armor is just as important as a gun. Even white armor will raise your health by 50% and that could be clutch.

3. Rejoin your teammates as soon as you have a gun and armor.Having the numbers gives you a real advantage.

4. Go hunting. Now that you are grouped up, move as a team. Your objective is to clear out the blue zone. Don’t run away or hide. Fight until your team is the last alive in that zone.

5. Don’t get frustrated.This is a method for learning, so try not to get frustrated if you die. Trust us, dying is all part of the process.

Now get out there and get legendary!

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