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Episode 29 - Stress? What Stress?

What follows is a summary of the 29th episode of the Outplayd podcast. Obviously the podcast itself goes into a lot more detail.

The Main Topic - Managing Stress

Errik, Flave and Lursen discuss the importance of managing your stress to avoid becoming a raging asshat while playing Apex (or any other game) and to avoid carrying that kind of stress into the real world. They also discuss Flave's transition from "a straight dickwad" to a chilled-out slayer and how that makes him way more fun to play with today than back in the Destiny days.

First they discuss why you need to manage your stress. You need to manage your stress in order to benefit:

  1. Your team - No one wants to be on a team with someone who is raging, as it hurts the team's morale and is just generally annoying.

  2. Yourself - You want to get into a flow state and raging is going to prevent that from happening.

  3. Those around you - If you are raging from a game, chances are that will seep into your daily interactions with people, and they did nothing to deserve that.

  4. Your gaming hardware - Rage leads to broken controllers and many, many tears.

Next they discuss how to manage your stress. They discuss the need to:

  1. Develop healthy habits - Sleep, exercise, relaxation, meditation and laughter will make you feel better and will reduce stress, as will eating better (e.g., reduce the caffeine/sugar intake and make sure to hydrate with water). This is for you, Fugs.

  2. Get some perspective - While games aren't just about "having fun," they shouldn't actively make you feel bad. You are playing the game to have a good experience; if you aren't having a good experience, why are you still playing?

Finally, they look at how not to deal with a raging teammate. If you want to help the situation, then don't tell them to relax. When you are upset, does telling you not to feel that way help? Probably not. Why would it help your teammate? Try lightening the mood instead. (Remember what the guys have to say about laughter.)

Ad Segment - The Rage Controller Controller

Lursen tells us all about the controller that helps you avoid raging while gaming: "If you're full of rage and stress, put our controller to the test!"

Lore Segment - Hemlok Burst AR

The lore segment from this week's episode focuses on the Hemlok Burst AR. Errik drew information from the following sources:

Background music for the lore is from the Apex Legends Official Soundtrack by Stephen Barton.

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