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Episode 30 - Community Questions!

What follows is a summary of the 30th episode of the Outplayd podcast. To hear their answers in much greater detail, be sure to listen to the episode!

The Main Topic - Answering Questions from the Community

1. How do you use map knowledge to your advantage?

  • Land in spots where there is plenty of loot for the team.

  • Consider rotations.

  • Consider choke points.

  • Learn building layouts.

In addition to their discussion of the general ideas listed above, the boys discuss their favourite landing locations and rotations. (Also, Flave and Lursen have a brief discussion of why Flave keeps winning tournaments.)

2. What are your favourite gun combinations?

This is a tricky question. RNG means you can't guarantee that you'll get something, so beware of limiting yourself. That said, the boys still provide you with a few choices here. Clearly they all think that the Mozambique is the finest weapon in the game.*

Errik provides a detailed analysis of weapons and the impact of the Fortified perk (Caustic and Gibby) on weapon damage. The weapons you think are best may just not be, particularly against the big dudes.

Here are the numbers Errik crunched for the Peacekeeper:

Non-Fortified Characters:

Each pellet (11 pellets in total):

  • 10 body

  • 15 head

  • 8 leg

Fortified Characters:

Each pellet:

  • 8.5 body

  • 12.75 head

  • 6.8 leg

"Perfect Shot"** Damage:

"Perfect" means 3 pellets to the head and 8 pellets to the body. For a non-Fortified character with no helmet and no armour, a perfect shot does:

  • 125.0 dmg

The numbers that follow are for a Fortified character, and they start looking a lot worse:

No helmet and no armour:

  • 106.25 dmg

With helmet and no armour:

  • Lvl 1 (11.9 dmg) 103.70

  • Lvl 2 (10.2 dmg) 98.60

  • Lvl 3 (9.35 dmg) 96.05

Armour with no helmet:

  • Lvl 1 armor (+50 hp) ⇒ 1.41 shots (2 shots)

  • Lvl 2 armor (+75 hp) ⇒ 1.65 shots (2 shots)

  • Lvl 3 armor (+100 hp) ⇒ 1.88 shots (2 shots)

The worst case for you:

  • Lvl 3 armor, Lvl 3 helmet ⇒ 2.08 shots (3 shots)

If you see purple after your first shot, then you should probably just switch to an automatic weapon.


Against Gibby's Gun Shield, it will take 3 perfect shots to get the kill.

His shield has 75 hit points, which will soak up all the damage of the first shot. Then:

  • No armor ⇒ 1.65 shots

  • Lvl 1 armor ⇒ 2.11 shots

  • Lvl 2 armor ⇒ 2.35 shots

  • Lvl 3 armor ⇒ 2.59 shots

  • Lvl 3 armor, Lvl 3 helmet ⇒ 2.86 shots

So, there you have it. Think through how likely you are to make perfect shots and then consider whether or not you are using the right weapon for your skill and play style. Listen to the show for breakdowns of some other weapons (the Longbow and Triple Take).

3. What do you keep in your backpacks?

Each of the guys has a slightly different approach, but they are generally in agreement that you don't need to carry endless heals, nor endless ammo; kill other players and take that stuff from them.

Grenades are useful, too.

4. How do you keep the game alive in slow times?

The guys are playing other games, which allows them to appreciate their time in Apex. Forcing yourself to like something (or to play when you're bored) isn't going to make you like it more, and you run the risk of burn out.

Another thing you can do is set some goals, which the guys discussed in great detail here.

5. What are your preferred play styles?

There is a reason these guys play together! They all prefer to drop medium-well, grab some loot and push fights, although Errik is generally the most cautious of the trio. They also outline some nice places to land that are conducive to this play style.

As I said earlier, the guys go into way more detail in the show, so go ahead and listen to it if you haven't already done so!

Ad Segment - Pathfinder Grapple Polish

Rob. U. Blind tells us all about Pathfinder's Grapple Polish: "Order as much as you want because he has no problem getting these ingredients; he'll just make some more."

Lore Segment - None this week; Errik is dealing with monster trees!

*This is not even remotely true.

**Flave outlines why we are calling it a "perfect shot" even if it technically isn't "perfect."

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