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Episode 37 - Surviving Train Yard

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

(credit: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-apex-legends-new-map-is-shaking-up-the-meta/)

To get better at Apex Legends, you gotta survive! In this episode, Flave, Lursen, and Errik talk about how to survive fights in the Train Yard on World's Edge during the early, mid, and late game.

As always, listen to the episode for complete details.

#TrainingRoom: Gate-keeping

What is Gate-keeping and can it be used in World's Edge? Gate-keeping is forcing a team to stay in the storm by preventing them moving from forward through a bottleneck or "fatal funnel." Fatal funnels are area of constrained space like canyons, hallways, and doorways. The other team can stay in the storm and die or make a bad push into your position. Even though they know you're waiting for them, there's little they can do to counter your positioning.

Our preferred methods to gate-keep:

  1. Team (focus) fire: Two or more people focus on a single portion of the zoned off area, or single targets attempting to poke through.

  2. Throwables: grenades (especially thermite grenades) and Bangalore and Gibraltar ultimates.

  3. Fencing: Wattson fence, caustic gas.

Can it be done in Worlds End? Hell yes! Vault tunnels, train tunnels, passes through hillsides, buildings—all of these area are perfect for gate-keeping.

#MainTopic: Surviving Train Yard on #WorldsEnd

Section 1: Locations

Train cars - The 4 hanging train cars

  • 4 cars and a good drop location. After ten drops we noticed most of the cars had a healthy mix of guns, armor, and grenades.

Warehouse- the large building to the side of the train yard

  • Two floors guns and ammo all around.

High side- the set of train cars on the ground overlooking the revive station

  • Loot is very spread out and not great.

Low side - the set of cars down at the station

  • Light on loot and in a kill box

Vault - tunnel to leading to, you know, the vault

  • There is a drone that flies over and could have a key. Also an excellent fatal funnel.

Section 2: Tactics


Lursen - I like a team to drop two guys in the train cars above the Warehouse and one guy in the warehouse. Then have everyone meet up in the Warehouse before pusMeh: hing the next team.

Flave - I like landing in the top cars and then dropping directly on top of someone. I almost always get the first shot and usually the kill.

Errik - I like landing only one player in the train cars, preferably two in the two cars on the Warehouse side. Loot, then group up in one of the cars and drop to High Side together. Do a mid-point jump from one zipline to another to get to all of the cars and avoid opponents.


Fights in the train yard last forever and teams are always moving through it, so surviving the mid-game means moving together and keeping your head on a swivel.

Approaching from the open field from drill, take a moment to watch the yard near the train track and top of the large building.Meh:

Approaching from the vault tunnel, don't charge into the open. Survey the area before exiting, then exist fast in a criss-cross to Warehouse and High Side or combo to the stairs leading to High Side.

Fighting in and holding the vault tunnel. Pull opponents into the tunnel and hold.

Train tunnel? Just don't.


Go high. Get into Train Cars or at least onto Warehouse roof. If opponents already have the high ground, push into Warehouse and stay in the two side tunnels (if in circle, duh). If circle is High Side or in the fields, stay together and stay mobile.

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