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Episode 38 - Surviving Sorting Factory

To get better at Apex Legends, you gotta survive! In this episode, Flave, Lursen, and Errik talk about how to survive fights in the Sorting Factory on World's Edge during the early, mid, and late game.

As always, listen to the episode for complete details.

#TrainingRoom: Smoke Out

Train yourself to perform in smoke and Nox. Here's how:

  1. In the Firing Range, smoke an area with Bangalore or throw down a bunch of Caustic traps and set them off.

  2. Spin in a circle at least three times, and then try to locate and fire on targets while moving.

  3. Smoke areas with multiple levels. Smoke the cage areas. Vary it up.

Ways to make it even more fun:

  • Get used to being slowed by a friendly Caustic trap by laying the traps, then switching characters (or go in with a friend and have them do it.)

  • Get on the outside of the smoke and fire on targets in the smoke.

  • Use Crypto's drone or Bloodhound's ult.

  • Get two friends in there with you to run drills.

#MainTopic: Surviving Sorting Factory on #WorldsEdge

(credit: Image sourced from Apex Legends Interactive Map)

Section 1: Locations

North Round - round building on northern edge North End - small building and surroundings on northern side of area Train Tunnel - opening to the train tunnel on the northern side of area

  • just avoid it

Train Station - large "main" building where train stops

  • excellent loot

  • area on top of building open to shooting down into building

  • catwalk near top (just below roof)

Cranes - area below and immediately around the two large cargo cranes

  • high platforms (bases of crane) and suspended cargo containers

  • Accessible by Path & Octane

Half Pit - half circular area near cranes

  • not great loot

Conveyor - long curved corridor with conveyor belt running down the center

  • North Conveyor - north side, duh

  • South Conveyor - south end

  • Conveyor Bins - bins on raised platform next to conveyor belt

  • Control Room - area near South Conveyor

  • Lots of loot underneath Control Room

Low side - southern area on tracks with buildings right next to it

  • A high fence provides cover all along the southern and eastern curve of this area.

  • Because it's lower than Conveyor and largely out of sight from all other areas, this is a good place to escape to for healing and luring opponents into a kill box.

East Silo - large round "silo" or reactor

South Round - small round building on extreme south end

West End - junction of train tracks on far west end

Section 2: Tactics

Landing and Early Game

The drop ship path frequently crosses right over Sorting Factory. Be on-point when dropping here. Be absolutely one of the first ones out of the ship to get there before everyone else, which is necessary here more than just about anywhere else on the map.

Although loot is decent overall, there isn't a lot of it in most locations in this area. Multiple cargo drones are in this area, so you have a good chance to get a vault key in early game. Being outdoors here is ridiculously dangerous. The large number of sniper rifles in this area, plus the easy access to many high areas, means it's easy to get picked off (or pick someone off).

The best drop is Conveyor center doors, providing easy access into the area, choices whether to run toward or away from gunfire, and loot.

  • Always a weapon near one door

  • Always armor on raised areas with large containers (Conveyor Bins)

  • Lots of cover from crates, alcoves between the interior doors, and even by ducking down next to the conveyor itself

  • Being inside, as opposed to outside, and exposed is essential immediately after dropping here.

Rotations in the Early Game

  • Best in nearly every game we've played: Fuel Depot, then to Capitol City, getting you to center of the map.

  • Mediocre: Geyser for Vault

  • Meh: Train Yard for Vault (see Episode 37 - Surviving Train Yard)


For mid-game, many teams end up passing through this area.

If we drop here and the circle is even a little bit in our favor, we just wait for teams to come to us.

If we approach here during the mid-game:

  • Best from west: Coming up from lower area under train tracks in West End provides excellent cover from teams on top of Conveyor and Train Station. Line of sight from the Northern Crane is obstructed by the buildings and the Southern Crane. Only danger is teams on the Southern Crane or in the buildings in West End.

  • The approach from Lava to southern Sorting Factory very exposed. Avoid doing this.

  • The approach from Tunnel is very exposed to shooters from North Round, Train Station, Cranes, North Conveyor. Most definitely avoid doing this.

  • The approach from Geyser is fine. As always, be cautious of crossing the open ground leading to the canyon next to Sorting Factory. Teams on top of Train Station, Cranes, and Conveyor have a clear line of sight to you.


Play this identically to the mid-game. Most games we've seen go to the top of the buildings and cranes. Remember that "the floor is lava": ground level fighting gets us killed. You can use the interiors of the buildings to wait out the other teams fighting because it's unlikely they'll come indoors (they never have for us).

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